We all enjoy a nice conspiracy theory. Pretty much everyone who has ever had an independent thought has become interested in at least one of the conspiracy theories that spring all over the place. In this article, we would like to give our opinion on what it is that makes conspiracy theories that enticing and why so many people enjoy discussing them and unearthing new evidence about conspiracy theories.

The first reason for this is the fact that there have been many conspiracy theories that turned out to be perfectly true in the past. We have discussed these in another article and we will just remind you of some of them – Nazi scientists spearheading the space race, FBI blackmailing Martin Luther King, Nixon stopping peace talks to win the Presidency and so on. Therefore, who is to say that there aren’t many more conspiracy theories that are also perfectly true and happening under our noses?

Then, there is the fact that the US government and pretty much every other government in the world likes to keep people in the dark on certain matters. This was more prevalent in the past, but even today, you cannot escape the feeling that you are not being told certain things and that they are trying to hide stuff from you. You get the feeling that if there wasn’t something to hide; they would just come up clean about it. If there is nothing to hide, then why act so strangely and mysteriously about certain things?

Of course, there is also that feeling of achievement when you think of or come up with proof that other people never thought of. For instance, every little shred of evidence that has been unearthed about any of the conspiracy theories makes people more energized and it results in an elevated sense of pride in people who have come up with the evidence.

We also need to add the fact that everyday life is quite boring and that conspiracy theories make it much more interesting to be alive. The world would be a much more tedious place without conspiracy theories that make us believe there is much more going on behind the curtains than we are allowed to see. It makes our lives much less like real life and much more like something out of a great thriller.

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